Safety Tips for Motorcycle Rides with Your Four-Legged Friend


Everywhere you go, you see dogs with their heads hanging out of car windows, tongues flapping in the wind. They love to ride in the car with you, but what if you want to ride your motorcycle? Ttaking your German Shepherd with you may seem far-fetched, butHowever, it’s entirely possible to head down the road with your best furry friend. If you plan on riding with your dog, follow these important safety tips.

Keep Your Dog Secure

Just like you, your dog won’t be enclosed on your motorcycle, so it’s important to make sure he is fully secured. Purchasing a specialized pet carrier that still allows your dog to move will keep him from jumping off the bike. If you have a side car, you may be able to secure him there for added safety. You may think your German shepherd is well trained and wouldn’t leave your side, but a passing squirrel or other attention grabber may prove to be too much of an enticement for him to jump. 

Baby Steps to a Bike Ride

Before you take your four-legged friend for a ride on your motorcycle, make sure you allow him to warm up to the bike first. If you will use a carrier, it’s important to get him used to that in your home. Once he is comfortable spending time in the carrier, secure it to your bike and strap him in without starting the engine. After a period of time, you can start the bike. As you accelerate with your dog on board, take it slow and keep the trip short, gradually adding time and speed.

Plenty of Pet-Friendly Stops

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending too much time on the road. Your canine companion will need plenty of breaks along the way to burn off energy and relieve himself. Plan your route with a lot of pet-friendly places to stop. If inclement weather occurs while you are riding, don’t try to keep going. It’s best to stop during a storm when traveling with a dog on your bike.

Most people wouldn’t think of taking their dog with them on a motorcycle. However, many cyclists choose to take man’s best friend along on their rides. While this can be dangerous for both the dog and the rider, the right safety precautions can keep you and your dog safe and happy.

Doggie Motorcycle Gear

One very important safety factor is protecting your dog’s eyes. Doggles are an absolute essential. They are impact-resistant, UVA/UVB protection for your dog’s eyes. They will help keep your dog’s eyes from dirt, sand, rain, and other airborne obstacles. Waglet Works has a line of adventure dog gear (all carried on their proprietary belt system), perfectly suited to the motorcycle lifestyle.



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